Your Plaintiff Is Our Priority

Your Plaintiff

Is Our Priority

Ferlisi Jolley Associates, Inc. are plaintiff-loyal structured settlement brokers who work in conjunction with attorneys and clients to provide the information needed to make the best, most informed choices regarding the client’s financial future in the settlement of cases where structured settlements can be useful.

What We Do

Personal Physical Injury or Wrongful Death

Determine the client’s financial needs, design the proper Structured Settlement plan to deliver those funds, and select the most competitive and secure life insurance companies entrusted to provide those funds.

Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs)

Protecting Medicare’s interest as secondary payer in Worker’s Compensation and/or Third-Party Liability cases.

Non-Qualified Annuities

Settling employment or other non-physical injury claims by providing the client the benefit of a stream of guaranteed periodic payments instead of an upfront, lump sum payment which may cost them money.

Attorney Fee Structures –
Deferred Compensation

An excellent opportunity for attorneys to take advantage of deferring current year income tax liability and creating an income stream for a secure future. This option is available even if you client accepts a cash settlement.

Qualified Settlement Funds
{IRC Sec. 468(B)}

Established to resolve or satisfy one or more contested or uncontested claims — a court ordered “safe harbor” advantageous to the plaintiffs and their attorneys, giving them control in the selection of various funding vehicles available to them, including structured annuities.

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